Professional accounting and taxation services for Slovak companies

Are you looking for a reliable accountant for your Slovak company? An accountant who understands your business and therefore is able to give you advice? Get rid of unnecessary responsibilities and turn to us. We are providing services for Slovak limited companies, Slovak share holdings, Slovak trading companies as well as branches and permanent commercial establishments of foreign companies.

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Complex double entry accounting according to Slovak accounting requirements and standards. Payroll. Preparation of financial statements and records for consolidated financial statements.


Preparation of corporate income tax returns, personal income tax returns, motor vehicle tax and property tax. Safeguarding communication with authorities based on commercial power of attorney authorisation.


Optimal set up of your business for tax and accounting purposes. Tax optimisation within the legal limit. Lowering administrative expenses.

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  • Professional and reliable

    Professional book keeping and tax calculation owing to many years of experience in tax and accounting consulting. Transparent communication without withholding the facts.

  • Fair fees

    Our business has minimal expenses, so the fees are based mostly on the time we spend working for you. At the same time, there are multiple options to further lower our fees.

  • Communication in English and German

    We can communicate with our clients in English or German. It is important to us, that our client understands accounting and taxation of their company.


Monthly flat rate fees starting from €100

The fees for our services depend on many factors (size of the company, number of documents, number of employees, use of accounting software, complexity of tax advice, provision of additional business agenda etc.) It would not be fair, neither practical to set one flat fee.

Fees depend on an agreement, so all parties are happy. Do not hesitate to contact us with your vision of cooperation and we can discuss the conditions.

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If you recommend our services we can offer you discount on our fees

Contact us to find out how it works.

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You need to trust your accountant completely

Accountant knows absolutely everything about your company. If you supply a clever accountant with necessary information, s/he can help you in many areas of your business. And at the same time, s/he protects you from unnecessary Tax office fines. Trust and data are key to accurately run business. If you are upholding the same values, then we are the right choice for you.

Simple and effective

The accurate set up of the company is important for lowering of expenses. If we understand your business, we can give you right advice. Where there are low expenses, there are high returns. And that is the main point of running a business. Our business motto is Simple and Effective.

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